20 June 2009

Welcome to Albergue Humboldt

Here you´ll find all about Albergue Humboldt, a great place to stay and to enjoy the peruvian jungle.

How to get to Albergue Humboldt

Get there within 24 hours

If you want to arrive to Puerto Bermúdez in just one day, we suggest you to take the buses that leave Lima before 8pm. You will arrive to La Merced by 3 am, just in time to connect with the pick-ups that leave to Puerto Bermúdez (around 4 - 6 am). There are no more pick-ups to Puerto Bermúdez until the next day.

Albergue Humbolt is located in the bank of Pichis-Pachitea river, in the area known as "La Rampa". It's just at 500 meters (5 minutes walk) of the place where the pick-ups from La Merced arrive. The price of a "mototaxi" to Albergue Humboldt is one sol (US$ 30 cents).

Lima - La Merced (US$ 8 to 10)

La MercedLuna Pizarro 255423 36 67
ChanchamayoAv. M Capac 1052265 68 50
Transportes JuninAvda. Nicolás Arriola326 61 36
Expreso LobatoAvda. 28 de Julio474 94 88

La Merced - Puerto Bermudez (US$ 16)

Adress / Time table
Villa Rica

At the Bus Station ("Terminal")
Pick-ups leave at 4am-6am.

Activities at Humboldt Hostal

Jesus and the staff of Albergue Humboldt can organize a lot of individual outdoor activities and tours through the rainforest for you. Allthough allraedy the way to Puerto Bermúdez is an awesome experience, the real adventure expects you there.

Facilities and Prices

At Albergue Humboldt you will find single, double and triple rooms. Also sleeping in tents and hammocks eventually can be possible.
You can enjoy silent walks through a beautiful and large garden. A well sorted libary offers excellent travel books and trivial literature. You can use cable tv, video and music stations for free.
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At Humboldt´s we offer moderate prices that rarely you can find somewhere else in the peruvian jungle region.

5$ (per person)
2$ (per person)
Dinner*3$ (per person)
Drinks0.5$ coffee / tea
*Spanish and peruvian food